Monthly Archives: February 2013

In Memory Of…

One day, at the end of January, we had this insanely thick fog, all day.  It was pretty amazing, and as soon as I got off work, I had to go out and take pictures of it.  I decided an old cemetery would probably make for the best pictures.  I have had the idea for […]

When the Levees Broke…

On our way down to Missouri, we had to go through Iowa.  While she was driving, I spotted a nice old abandoned house out in a field.  Conveniently, there was an exit right there!  So we pulled of to go check it out.  While driving around, trying to find a road that would lead to […]

Looking to the Future!

I am always intending to start a photography blog…  To share my adventures, experiences, and of course, my pictures!  I can’t think of a better time to start this.  I currently live in Nebraska, U.S.A.  Not for long, though!  I’m spending March in Crete, for work.  Shortly after returning….  I’m moving to England!!  Talk about […]