Looking to the Future!

Life Persists

I am always intending to start a photography blog…  To share my adventures, experiences, and of course, my pictures!  I can’t think of a better time to start this.  I currently live in Nebraska, U.S.A.  Not for long, though!  I’m spending March in Crete, for work.  Shortly after returning….  I’m moving to England!!  Talk about exciting!  Life is going to be busy, hectic, and oh the pictures!  I can’t imagine the experience of moving to the other side of the Atlantic, but I’m so anxious to go!  For now, though, I need to concentrate on work in Crete, once I get there.

An Old, Brick Farmhouse

The Abandoned StairwayToday, though, I’m going to talk about this past weekend.  Sunday, was actually nice and warm here, so a friend and I headed down into Missouri for the day.  We both enjoy photographing the old abandoned farmhouses that you find everywhere in this part of the country.  I had spotted a nice old brick building from the highway, so we headed for that.  The door was wide open, so we couldn’t resist the urge to explore.  Need I say I’m dying to explore an old castle?  Come on England!

Anyways, the house was pretty much empty, some nice old glass light globes, a large old kitchen sink, and a yellow arm chair that had certainly seen its day…  There were plenty of old little farm buildings around, along with the above pictured water source.  We were amazed to see it so lush and green on February 17th, just days after some snow…

We hurried to explore and take our pictures, then headed off to see what else lay just down the road…

Staring at the View


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