When the Levees Broke…

On our way down to Missouri, we had to go through Iowa.  While she was driving, I spotted a nice old abandoned house out in a field.  Conveniently, there was an exit right there!  So we pulled of to go check it out.  While driving around, trying to find a road that would lead to it, we found a more modern house, that had been abandoned when the levees broke.  The winter of ’09/’10 dumped a lot of snow way north of here.  In the spring, when it all melted, it had to go somewhere… So it came down the Missouri River, flooding the banks all along the river.  There are levees along both sides of the rivers, but these were not strong enough in some places.  One such place was in southern Iowa, near the town of Hamburg.  When the levee broke, the people living along the river had hours to get out…  The above picture is that house’s garage, and what was left behind…

Left Behind Ford

We eventually found the old house we had seen from the road.  It was surrounded by sand, left by the flood, and the house was filled with sand and dirt, 2ft deep in some spots.  It is obvious, though, that this house was abandoned well before the flood came along.    The stairs inside were unusable, but even had they been, I doubt the second floor would have supported our weight.  There were plenty of old glass bottles throughout the dirt, along with other rubbish and trash.  There was an old tv still resting in what was probably its original location.  I love these old farmhouses,some of them have so much character.  While I love photographing them, it is sad to see them falling apart, that no one cared enough to keep it fixed up, and looking as it should.  What family history was lost with this home?



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