In Memory Of…

For Your Service...One day, at the end of January, we had this insanely thick fog, all day.  It was pretty amazing, and as soon as I got off work, I had to go out and take pictures of it.  I decided an old cemetery would probably make for the best pictures.  I have had the idea for a while, that dressing up in some old style dresses and posing at the old farmhouses could be a blast.  So, I thought, why not at a cemetery?  I quickly changed and headed out to Pennsylvania Cemetery, in Gretna, Nebraska.  I love this cemetery, its a peaceful little cemetery, that’s tucked away in some hills, and you’d never know you turned off Highway 370 to get there.  After glancing around, I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted to use Frank Leslie Rishel’s gravestone.  What better way to honor a veteran?  According to his stone, Frank was a private in the 164th Depot Brigade during World War I.   He passed away August 31st, 1935.  Thank you for your service, Private Rishel.

Thank You...


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