Monthly Archives: April 2013

The Ruins of Polyrriniá

By far, without a doubt, Polyrriniá is one of my favorite places to visit on Crete.  Polyrriniá was an old Minoan city, that thrived from around the 6th century BC through the Roman times.  For a while the city was abandoned, only to be re-inhabited during Venetian times.  Today, there is not much left for […]

Omalos, Crete

In the beginning of March, took a little trip up into the mountains on Crete to the Omalos Plateau in the White Mountains (Lefká Óri in Greek).  There isn’t much on this plateau, at an altitude of 1100m, but it is the head of the trail through the Samariá Gorge (one of the longest gorges in […]

My Time In Crete…

So…  The internet in Crete this time sucked, period.  It was a challenge to do anything, so sadly, I wasn’t able to keep up with this as I had hoped to do.  For now, though, I will play catch up.  Crete was beautiful this time of year, especially when I left.  A few days before […]