My Time In Crete…

The Chania Lighthouse

The Chania Lighthouse

Old Church in Chania, Crete

So…  The internet in Crete this time sucked, period.  It was a challenge to do anything, so sadly, I wasn’t able to keep up with this as I had hoped to do.  For now, though, I will play catch up.  Crete was beautiful this time of year, especially when I left.  A few days before leaving, I spent a day at the beach, swimming, and received a nasty sun burn for it.  Nebraska on the other hand, has essentially been raining or cloudy since I returned, I miss Crete already…

I stayed a hotel in Chania, a beautiful city along the coastline.  Being one of the larger cities on the island, Chania can meet all your needs, especially your tourist ones.  Going during the winter’s “off season” meant that a lot of restaurants, shops, and tourist attractions are closed.  However, that also meant no tourists to deal with…  There is still plenty open to see and do, however, down by the water are streets full of little shops and restaurants.  The harbor has an old fort (closed during my visit) and an old stone lighthouse.

For now, enjoy these two pictures from Chania!


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