Setting up a New Life in England!

St. Mary's Church

St. Mary’s Church

An English HorseSo, to say that life has been busy in the past few months would be putting it rather mildly…  It was hectic, chaotic, stressful, and exhausting.  In the end, though, it was worth it!  I am now situated in England.  I have a little house that I am renting, although my furniture that was being shipped has yet to arrive.  I found a little village that is slightly rural, its in the middle of fields along a little river.  The village has a little post office, a fish and chips place, and a little pizza place.  I love it here!  It feels so quaint.  I have bought a new car.  I was strongly cautioned to get a new one here, with British specs (you know, the steering wheel on the right side as opposed to the left).  I am glad I listened to that advice, I would be petrified to be driving an American car over here.  Their roads, aside from the highways (dual carriageways as they call them), are tiny, narrow, and you would swear sometimes that two cars cannot possibly fit (sometimes they can’t).  American cars, with the steering on the left side, would not allow you to view around corners in these narrow, winding roads, or allow you to see if it is safe to pass the giant tractor you will inevitably find yourself stuck behind.  For safety reasons, I highly recommend acquiring a British spec car if you are moving here.  If you want to bring your American car, you can, people do it all the time, and seem to manage just find, but I highly recommend skipping the huge SUV or truck, they really don’t fit on some of these roads.  I know that I, along with just about everyone else on the road, would appreciate it!

Out for an Evening Drive

 Rusty, is my Miniature Australian Shepherd, and the best companion I could have ever asked for.  I’ve had him for the last 3 years, since he was a little pup, and it really wasn’t a question as to whether or not I’d pay for him to move here with me.  He cost a pretty penny, it was over $1300 for the airline “ticket” for him, and customs processing fees once here in the UK.  That’s not counting in the various vet fees for immunizations, and visits to clear him to travel here.  If he didn’t have all of that stuff in order, he would have been put into quarantine, for a long period of time…  So that had to be done.  Since his paperwork was all in good order, I had no issues with getting him into the UK, but it was obvious when I picked him up, he had not enjoyed his trek across the ocean.  I’m pleased to report, though, that it had no lasting effect and he has been thoroughly happy exploring England with me!


All in all, he and I are pretty well settled in our new lives in England!  We’ve already had some little adventures and trips, and I have lots of catching up to do on here!


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