Hunstanton Beach

Hunstanton Beach & Lighthouse

Hunstanton Beach & Lighthouse

When Rusty and I first arrived in England, we stayed in a little pub/hotel.  After a week of living there, I had to get out and go do something, I couldn’t stay in that little room another moment.  I have always been a fan of the ocean, I grew up near it, and for me, its one of the most peaceful places in the world.  I find peace and tranquility when I stand with my feet in the water…  So, since I’d just come from Nebraska, where there is no ocean, only muddy rivers and lakes, I knew where our first trip had to be!  I browsed the internet for a while, and decided Hunstanton Beach looked like a pretty place to start.  I packed up Rusty and we were off!

The Sheraton

The Sheraton Shipwrecked on Hunstanton Beach in 1947

Unfortunately, it seems everyone else in England had the same idea I did, and the beach was packed!  My GPS unit took me to the downtown area which had some sort of theme park, and was crowded with people.  There was even a pair of guys running to the beach with surf boards (there were no waves in sight).  I decided not to stop there, not that I could have found parking if I had, and kept going through the town.  Towards the edge of town, I found a hotel that was selling out its parking lot (you pay for parking everywhere here), and stopped there.

Hunstanton Beach

A portion of Hunstanton Beach has these lovely red and white cliffs, with a lighthouse situated over them.  The hotel was past the cliffs, but it really wasn’t too much of a walk (on the beach, feet in the water) to reach them.  The cliffs were beautiful, below them, were the remains of an old trawler, The Sheraton.  Further down the beach were some mud/rock humps covered in beautiful green seaweed, that looked just like moss.  We spent a few hours walking on the beach and playing.  It was a nice relief from the hotel room.  I do have a few complaints about the beach, though.  It wasn’t exactly sand along the water’s edge.  Being as it was low tide, it had exposed what was closer to mud then sand, and throughout this mud were more worms than I cared to count.  The lower part of the beach was also littered with sharp little razor shells.  It was not pleasant to walk in some places.

After leaving the beach, we started to make our way back to the hotel (over an hour away).  Along the way, we ran into some heavy traffic, so when I saw a sign for Castle Rising, I decided it was time to see our first castle and pulled off.  Castle Rising was not a huge castle, but it was still pretty intact compared to some others I have seen.  They were about to close, but the woman running the site, allowed me to go in and view it quickly.  I was also able to take Rusty in with me, which was a huge bonus.   It was an afternoon well spent and we finally got to see some of England!

Castle Rising

Castle Rising


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