Exploring Suffolk – Part 2!

Orford Castle

Orford Castle

Going Down...After visiting seeing the sites in Framlingham we continued on our way to the coast.  The destination was Orford, where I had seen online, a pretty little red and white striped lighthouse.  Once there, though, we soon learned through locals, that the only way to reach the lighthouse was by boat across the little river.  Of course, we had missed the last boat for the day.  I also learned that the lighthouse has fallen into disrepair and will eventually be torn down.  An abandoned lighthouse??  Something I need to make the trip back there for, this time early enough to catch a boat!
Orford was not a loss, though.  The town does have its own little castle, Orford Castle, built in the 12th century.  A simple castle, not very big, but rather picturesque in its location.  It is maintained by the English Heritage (as was Framlingham Castle).  The castle is open for viewing, with audio tours, and the view from the top was worth the climb.
Orford QuayWe had lunch at a pub a short walking distance from the quay, The Jolly Sailor.  The food was enjoyable (seafood of course), in a nice nautical environment.  After lunch it was a walk down to the quay to see about the boat hire, and enjoy the views before moving on in our journey.
Forgotten in Orford...The next stop was a little further up the coastline, to the town of Aldeburgh.  It was literally the next town up the coast, but we had to drive inland a little to get there, and in that short time it went from sunny and warm, to cold and insanely thick fog.  I swear the pictures in this post are from the same day!  Have to love the crazy weather here!  The fog at least made for some fun pictures of the lighthouse on the edge of town, and playing on the beach.  I love a beach with smooth pebbles (shingle beaches as they call them), they look so pretty, even if they do hurt to walk on sometimes.  Rusty loves to chase the rocks if you throw them…
Rusty at AldeburghAldeburgh Lighthouse

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