Exploring Suffolk – Part 3!

The Ruins of Leiston Abbey

The Ruins of Leiston Abbey

Remnants of Prayer at Leiston Abbey

Remnants of Prayer at Leiston Abbey

After our stint at Aldeburgh, we decided to check out some of the ruins of two different abbeys before calling it a day.  The first was Leiston Abbey, built in the 12th century.  Leiston Abbey was part of the dissolution of the monasteries that King Henry VIII ordered.  After this, the abbey was given to Charles Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk, and Henry’s brother-in-law.  This site is also managed by the English Heritage.

St. Andrew's Church

St. Andrew’s Church

Afterwards, we then continued on to the little village of Covehithe, where I wanted to see St. Andrew’s Church.  The original church was built in the 14th century.  By the 17th century, however, the people of Covehithe could no longer afford the maintainance of such a large church.  They were granted permission to remove the roof of the church.  They then built a smaller church, within the walls of the original church!  I have seen quite a few ruins of churches and abbeys in the past few months, but this is the only one, so far, with another church inside the ruins.  This church is still operational too!  Talk about a unique church to attend!

The Ruins of Covehithe

The Ruins of Covehithe


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  1. Nice shots, we have been to these places too 😉

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