Days Gone By… Sort of…

A Lazy Sunday...

So this past weekend I decided to go by this quaint little country church I’ve found in Suffolk.  Its down a little dirt and grass lane, hidden amongst the trees, obscured from view.  I love it!  When I’m there, I’m all alone, and can play with my camera without interruption, without that uneasy feeling of being watched…  I can’t stand that while taking pictures, especially if I’m posing for my own shots…  I start feeling a little self-conscious, you know?  So, anyways, I have some fun pinup style dresses I’ve purchased and always wanted to go take pictures in.  One of which, I was wearing in my “In Memory Of” blog post back in February.  That dress is the one here, at  For the dress in the above picture, I found it on a Canadian dress site:

Anyways, back to the subject…  I wanted to go with an old feel, of back in the good ole days, with the vintage styled dress and old stone church, hence the choice of black and white for these pictures.  I wasn’t fully able to achieve it, though, my car isn’t exactly old…  But, hooray for black and white, its not too noticeable and I certainly don’t think it detracts from the picture!  The most important part of the whole process, though, I had fun playing around and posing to see what worked best.  I think these are two of the best shots from the day.  Any and all suggestions for improvement are most welcome!!

Time for Church


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