On Top of the World!

On Top of the World...

On Top of the World…

So, as I’ve previously stated, life has been a little bit busy for me since moving to England…  Its been crazy, hectic, and at times overwhelming.  But I’ve made it through and feel I’ve come out stronger than before.  Now that I’m getting my life pulled together and on an awesome trek to success, I honestly can say I feel as if I’m on top of the world right now…  Which makes me think of my trip in August to the Peak District, particularly Curbar Edge…

If you haven’t been to the Peak District, and are maybe just debating it, unsure of what’s worth your time….  GO!  I know I have plenty more to see here in the UK, but so far, the Peak District has been my favorite place, and it will be hard to beat it.  Its nature at its purest, everything is so lush and green, vibrant, full of life, and absolutely gorgeous.  The views….   are to die for, seriously.  Especially on the edges, my favorite of which, was Curbar.  An edge, for those of us not from the UK, is essentially a big old cliff side looking out over the valley.  Or at least that’s how I’ve interpreted it.  There’s actually several of these around the Peak District, Stanage Edge is another that I’ll be covering in another post…

Curbar Edge

Curbar was not an intended destination for this trip.  It was mid-afternoon, we had already accomplished our morning hike, seen some other places, and had time to kill.  We were heading in the direction of Stanage Edge, trying to think of what to do, when I found on the map that we were about to pass Curbar.  I like to browse places on the internet before heading on a trip, so I knew there was supposed to be another edge around there.  We decided to take a right turn and see if we could find it, so thankful we decided to do that!

The views out over the valley, the rocks of the cliff side, the clouds…  Everything was so gorgeous and perfect, I felt like I was in heaven.  Actually, standing up there, I felt like I was on top of the world…  with Rusty beside me of course!

A View to Kill For


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