I Left My Heart In…


The Benguinage

The Benguinage

Pure in WhiteThe Past is Present...Earlier this week, a coworker was looking for someone to go with him on a day trip to Brugge, Belgium.  He had received passes somewhere, so the trip to and from Belgium was 100% free, so of course I jumped at the opportunity to go!  My first chance to see mainland Europe (I keep finding myself stuck on islands).  I can’t express how excited I was as Saturday slowly approached…

It was an early day, I had to be at the pick-up point for the bus at 2:45am.  From there it was a few hours to the Eurotunnel (another new experience), which was about a 35 minute ride to Calais, France.  From there, merely another hour to Brugge.  About 20 minutes outside of Brugge we stopped at a chocolate factory.  This place was a joke, though, not at all what one expects for “Belgian Chocolates.”  Sure their chocolates looked nice and fancy, but the building…  It was in one of those large, metal buildings, that was probably put together in a day.  To top it all off, the back portion of the building was a truckers stop shop, complete with booze and chips…  I refused to buy chocolate there!  It just felt too cheap!  After that wasted stop, we were soon in Brugge, at about 10am.  We were handed maps, told how to reach the city center, and told to be back just after 6pm.  We promptly set off to explore!

Brugge...The Lock House at the Lake of LoveThe Church of Our Lady, BruggeBrugge is the beautiful European city you’d dream of.  Gorgeous, old buildings, stone streets, canals throughout, and the atmosphere…  Brugge didn’t feel like the crazy, hectic, chaotic cities that most large cities are.  It was peaceful there, relaxing to just stroll through the streets, crossing a canal here or there…  The people were friendly as well, another huge plus!  I think it did help us, though, that we were there in late October and not during the summer.  The city was far less crowded than it could have been.

We had a pleasant day, lunch in a little pizza/Italian restaurant, dinner had to be early, so since I was still full from the pizza, that got to be a Belgian waffle, topped off with strawberries and melted chocolate, super yum!   We found a little antiques and crafts market along one of the canals and browsed through that.  I found an adorable old, little, heavy metal owl, who’s definitely seen his day, but is still super cute!  I love old things…  We did a boat tour during the afternoon.  The price wasn’t bad for the 35 minute ride and the views were beautiful, I’d say that was one touristy activity that was worth it.  Oh, and I got real Belgian Chocolate…  From a cute little shop called The Old Chocolate House.  Sinfully delicious chocolates…  Perfect ending to an amazing day!

Where I Left My Heart...

Where I Left My Heart…


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