Monthly Archives: November 2013

Castle Acre Priory

In August a friend was passing through the area and had a day free.  So, we took off to go see some of England!  He wanted to see ruins in particular, so we decided along a route that would take us right by Castle Acre Priory, along our way to the coast.  Castle Acre Priory […]

Westminster Abbey

A Day in London!

The first weekend of September I took a train into London with a couple friends to see the sights.  My first trip to London, we spent too much time at Highgate Cemetery and didn’t get to see much else…  It was time to correct that!  First stop was the Tower of London, actually first stop […]

Ely Cathedral

Earlier this summer, shortly after arriving in England, I went to Ely to see my first cathedral.  I went after work, and unfortunately missed being able to see the inside, I believe it closed at 6.  However, it was more than worth the drive out there, for just the outside of the cathedral was splendidly […]

Admiring the View

The Seven Sisters of Sussex

One weekend in September, I took a little day trip with a couple friends down to the south coast, to see the Seven Sisters.  The Seven Sisters is a stretch of chalk cliffs along the south coast of England, between Seaford and Eastbourne.  According to legend, seven sisters once lived there, each having a house […]

Bolsover Castle

When we left the Peak District, it was the following morning (after Curbar Edge and the Chatsworth House).  We decided to have one last stop, at Bolsover Castle, in Bolsover, just a little east of the Peak District.  I had seen pictures online, that made this castle look quite impressive and convinced my friend we […]

A Sunday Walk In England

Today there was sunshine!!  The weather here lately has been a little cloudy and rainy…  Add in the time change, so now the sun sets an hour earlier…  I don’t see much sunshine during the week.  So today, Rusty and I went for a nice long walk, basking in the sunshine, and the insane wind! […]

The Chatsworth House

So, who’s ever seen the newest version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfayden?  Yea, a lot of us have…  Whether you like this version, or the old BBC version, its a pretty well accepted fact, that the house Jane Austen used for Pemberley, Mr. Darcy’s home, is the Chatsworth […]