A Sunday Walk In England

A Bug's Viewpoint

A Bug’s Viewpoint

Today there was sunshine!!  The weather here lately has been a little cloudy and rainy…  Add in the time change, so now the sun sets an hour earlier…  I don’t see much sunshine during the week.  So today, Rusty and I went for a nice long walk, basking in the sunshine, and the insane wind!  Thankfully the sun made it warm enough, with a coat and hat on of course!  It was refreshing, and exactly what I needed to feel alive again!

Left Behind Flowers...We walked out through a field to a section that during the summer and early fall had been full of flowers, harvested regularly for markets in London…  The flowers have long since been harvested now, but some little ones that the machines missed were still growing here and there.  Most were destroyed from the rain, but the pretty little purple and yellow one somehow survived it all…  I’ve been enjoying unsaturating my pictures, leaving only a color or two saturated, as you can see from today’s pictures.  I think its adds so much drama to the shot, and I can’t help but love it.

Nature's ShedBerriesRose HipsWhen I was photographing some little daisies, trying to get the blue sky and clouds in the shot, Rusty went running by…  And I loved how that looked!  So I kept sending him off into the field a ways, and then having him come back to me.  It took quite a few tries to get it right, but I loved how some of those turned out!  Such a unique viewpoint, I’m thinking I’ll be repeating this in the future…

The berries!  Everywhere, little bushes and shrubs were covered in orange to deep red berries, even the rose hips were a gorgeous deep red!  Starting to feel like its getting towards winter…


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