Castle Acre Priory

Castle Acre PrioryCastle Acre PrioryIn August a friend was passing through the area and had a day free.  So, we took off to go see some of England!  He wanted to see ruins in particular, so we decided along a route that would take us right by Castle Acre Priory, along our way to the coast.  Castle Acre Priory is another one of those old abandoned religious establishments that were dissolved by King Henry VIII…  It really is sad just how many of these amazing places are now just ruins all over England.

Castle Acre Priory

The ruins are quite impressive though, one portion of wall is in great shape, with all the detail of the stonework still present.  Also, the building is still in amazing condition, you are able to go up in there and see some of the rooms.  Careful, though, the stairs up are very narrow, wrap around stairs, and the stones are slick from all the years of footsteps…

A Town of Remnants - Castle Acre

The town of Castle Acre is a quaint little town, there are still some lingering pieces of its history in town, like the pictured arch over the road.  There is a Castle Acre Castle nearby as well, however this is just a round stone structure.  Nothing significant remains, and it was overall unimpressive and while I will take other people back to the priory, I won’t bother with showing them the castle…


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  1. Looks great at night time when lit-up.

    Also haunted!!

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