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The Valley of the Gods

After our stint with the antelope, we continued on down Highway 128.  Initially, according to plans, this road was just a means to reach our destinations in Southern Utah, with Arches National Park along the way, however it turned out to be one of the prettiest drives of the whole trip.  The road took us […]

Stalking Antelope in Utah!

For photography purposes, not hunting of course!!  After our night in Grand Junction, we crossed the border into Utah.  The west side of the Rocky Mountains is vastly different than the east, more arid, rocky, sandy, more of a desert, but still with plenty of plant life.  The closer we got to Utah, the more […]

Echo Lake

Road Trip Through the West – The Rocky Mountains

Today, and probably for a quite a few posts, I’m going to digress from Crete and talk about the United States. Last spring, late May, before I moved across the ocean, I decided I wanted to do a road trip and see some of the sights of the Wild West that I had not gotten […]

The Pursuit of Diktynna

After Polyrriniá, we headed to the west coast to the ruins of Falasarna.  I saw these ruins once before on New Year’s Eve, however, later while back home reading about the site online, I found that I had missed a few things, in particular, the ruins of the temple of Diktynna.  During my trip here […]

Climbing Polyrriniá

You might notice, I’ve been to Polyrriniá before, on my first trip to Crete…  So, while plenty of the island is still waiting for me to go and explore it, I wanted to go back to Polyrriniá.  I have finally been feeling like my normal self after being sick and in bed so much with that nasty […]

The Hellenistic Bridge at Eleftherna

The Ancient City of Eleftherna

My goal for this trip to Crete, since I am here for several months during non-tourist season, is to try and see all of the various sites of the ancient ruined cities here on Crete.  Eastern Crete is a challenge to reach sometimes, so for this, I’m splitting the island in half and really just […]

A Gorge in the Lefká Óri

Hiking Up the Wrong Gorge

In November, not long after arriving here, some friends and I decided it was time for a hike.  I spent the evening before browsing Panoramio.  I absolutely love this site for finding little local places to see.   Its a Google website, using their maps and allowing users to upload pictures that are pinned on […]