Hiking in the Lefka Ori Mountains

Hiking in the Lefká Óri

Hiking in the Lefká Óri

Me with Mount Gingalos

Me with Mount Gingalos

So…  I’ve been gone for a bit, just a bit… Life got really busy, some intense training for work, some more getting settled in England once my furniture and goods finally arrived (that took over 2 months to arrive), and then getting ready to come back down here to Crete for a few more months for work.  And once here, I’ve been busy some more with work, sight-seeing, hiking, and just exploring this amazing place!  Oh, and the internet hasn’t exactly been great either, so add in the online college class I’m working on right now… Seriously, it has been a busy few months to say the least, but now, I’m sick in bed with quite the cold, so I might as well do some catching up!!

Hiking to in the Lefká ÓriI think today I’ll start with what seems to be the biggest shocker for my friends and family.  Yes, Crete is an island in the Mediterranean Sea.  No, I have not gone elsewhere to take these pictures…  It does get snow here in Crete, and lots of it!!  Crete is a very mountainous island, most of which, at least along the western portion of the island where I am at, is the Lefká Óri, or White Mountains.  Aptly named, since from December through March, possibly into April, they’re covered in snow, and absolutely gorgeous.  The famous Samariá Gorge, starts in these mountains, up at the town of Omalos.  From there, it treks through the mountains for 16km to the coastline (it is a one way trek).  During the winter this gorge is closed due to rain and the potential for rock slides.  I have yet to be able to do the hike down this gorge, but I’ve been told I will be back here in the late summer, so I might actually get to do it…

Life on a Mountain...Hiking to in the Lefká ÓriFrom the same starting point as the Samariá Gorge hike, is another hike that goes up and around the side of the mountain to Mount Gingilos.  On a nice, relatively warm, sunny day in December, a group of us headed up to Omalos to do this hike.  The path winds back and forth up the side of the mountain, with an incredible view out over the plateau of Omalos, the gorge, other mountains, and the incredibly rocky Mount Gingalos, the backdrop for the picture of me.  We did not continue all the way up to this moutain, we did not have the proper gear for hiking on that treacherous surface.  Instead we stopped when we were directly across from it, with a good view of the entire area.  Once we started hiking back, we discovered the moon had risen to our backs, across the gorge, over the snow-covered mountains, absolutely breathtaking.  This island never ceases to amaze me with its beauty…

Moon Rising over the Lefká Óri



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