Chania’s True Face

The Abandoned Schoolhouse

The Abandoned Schoolhouse

The Schoolhouse Water Closet

The Schoolhouse Water Closet

Chania…  Is a beautiful city and I do love it, but not just for its beautiful harbor area, or shopping.  I love it because it is so absolutely Cretan.  Its gorgeous, well populated, amazing food, but it also has a true side, the typical Greek side, where not everything is perfect…  One day we took a walk through an area we’d never walked and it turned out to be my perfect dream area.  I love to photograph the old things, the abandoned things, the stuff that was once loved and dear to someone, but for now, no one cares about.  It is always sad finding these things, but to me, they also have a beauty all their own and I enjoy trying to capture it.

What Was Once a School...

What Was Once a School…

Junked in CreteAbandoned schoolhouse?  Of course I want to explore that!  Our first stop had to be it, which I had spotted while driving by one day…  Absolutely splendid!  It was a small building, with 3 or 4 classrooms, a water closet (bathroom for us Americans), and what looked like a kitchen area.  I was obviously in Heaven exploring this place.  The guys I was with just hung out on the road across from the place, though, so I did rush to get my pictures and rejoin them so they wouldn’t wait for an eternity (a very real possibility for me in a place like this).

Continuing down the road, it wasn’t long before we found this fantastic old car, just sitting in an empty lot.  Some pictures of that, and on our way we continued…  The derelict old building, according to the Greek on it (a friend actually knows some Greek, I’m in the process of picking up words here and there…) it was an old political party building.  Inside there were old campaigning posters on the wall.  Crete is home to incredible amount of stray cats and dogs.  The cats for the most part, get on just fine (as is evident by their high numbers), but it is the dogs that always tug at my heart strings.  They come running right over to you, tail wagging, so eager to say hi, and then will follow you around, almost as if just for the company you bring…  Its heart wrenching that they don’t have a warm house to go home to, with somebody who loves them.

The Failed Political Party's Building

Inside the Abandoned FactoryEventually we arrived at a different little harbor area of Chania that I had never seen before, but was lined with old, abandoned factory buildings, I would assume for fishing, but who really knows?  One of these, we entered, which had lots of large machinery and equipment left behind.  In the upstairs back office, the floor was littered with old newspapers from the 50’s, I believe in German, with all sorts of crazy propaganda cartoons.  I did snag one of those for a souvenir…  Inside the Abandoned Factory

The Abandoned Harbor

The Abandoned Harbor

The Preferred Mode of Transportation in Crete...

The Preferred Mode of Transportation in Crete…

From here, we eventually walked to the alive, touristy area of Chania to get some food and catch a cab back home.  All in all, a great little outing, with some amazing sights, and plenty of photos for me to play with!Hi There!

A Greek Orthodox Church in Chania


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