Dead’s Gorge

Sunrise at Kato ZakrosMy Room at Athena RoomsThere is not much to say for our stay on the East coast of Crete, I believe the pictures will say it far better…  We stayed the second night of our road trip in the remote little village of Kato Zakros at Athena Rooms.  It was a cute little hotel of only 4 rooms, we were a group of 3, and were the first tourists they had this year.  The best part of the hotel, by far, was the location, on a little hill, with a stair path straight down to the beach shore!  We were practically sleeping over the Mediterranean Sea.  Even with the windows and doors closed, there was no blocking out the sound of the waves crashing on the pebble and sand beach below.  It was magic and I slept amazingly.  Since our hotel faced East, we woke early for the sunrise, watched it from the balcony of the hotel, and then returned to bed for a bit.

Playing with long exposures at Kato Zakros

Playing with long exposures at Kato Zakros

Hiking Dead's GorgeWhen we woke again, we went to hike in Zakros Gorge on the back side of the little village.  This gorge is also known as the Gorge of the Dead since the Minoans would bury their dead in caves throughout the gorge.  Hiking this you can see many of the little caves up in the sides of the gorge.  We started at the bottom of the gorge, which was thankfully flat going for the most part.  We were tired and sore from our hike in Richtis Gorge the day before, so we only hiked up the gorge for about an hour, before turning around and returning to the hotel.

Hiking Dead's Gorge

Balcony at Athena RoomsThe hotel manager had graciously told us the night prior that their was no need to leave in the morning, and to stay as long as we liked.  After our hike, we took full advantage of that, cleaning up and relaxing on the beach for a while, before beginning our drive home to the west side of the island.  I can not recommend the village of Kato Zakros enough, it was a beautiful, relaxing place, just what we all needed.

Hiking Dead's Gorge

The Beach at Kato Zakros

Athena Rooms



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