Snuggling Lambs in Diktamos Gorge

Mystery PlantBack in February we did a shorter hike down Diktamos Gorge, not far from the Akrotiri Peninsula and Chania.  We planned ahead and brought two cars, dropping one at the bottom of the gorge in the little town of Faraggi.  The best decision we could have made that day…  The bottom of the gorge follows a stream, which eventually vanishes underground (I assume that’s where it went).  The remainder of the hike down the gorge is in the dried up stream bed, which is composed of gravel, rocks, and very large boulders.  Some boulders are so large in places, that I don’t know how you could possibly get back up and around them…  So, I highly recommend the two car drop idea.  Unless you want to reach the bottom and walk to nearby Stilos (the hike starts in Katochori).  Oh, and if any one can name the plant pictured above, I would much appreciate it.  This plant was taller than me and looks like aloe, but not quite…

Diktamos Gorge Hike
The Little Lamb of DiktamosDikatmos Gorge was pretty, especially along the stream, but nothing extremely spectacular.  It was a nice, easy day outing, with a chance to stretch our legs.  The best part of the hike, by far, was the baby lamb we came across before we truly got into the gorge.  This little guy was bleating away like crazy (why we found him in the first place).  I had my wide angle lens on my camera, and since the little guy had wobbly legs still, I decided to try approaching and see if I couldn’t get some cute close-up shots.  The lamb surprised me, and rather than attempt to wobble/run away, he walked right up to me, bleating nonstop.  I reached down and pet him, and he paused next to me, so I scooped him up, squatting there with him in my arms, resting on my thighs.  He instantly quieted and didn’t utter a sound.  I couldn’t believe it!  The sheep and goats in Crete tend to be very skittish, they are wild for the most part.  This little guy just stayed in my arms, at peace, until a friend tried to pet him.  He then started bleating at him, and when he began to stir I placed him back on the ground.  Again, he didn’t attempt to move away from us, he just kept wobbling around the area, bleating.  After snapping a few more pictures, we moved on, hoping his mother would return to him once we were no longer present.

Hiking Down Diktamos GorgeDainty Among the Clover

Young and Fearless


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