Spinster’s Rock

Spinster's RockSpinster's RockAnd so…  I am finally back home in England!  I have been for a bit actually, life has just been a little bit busy… I wasn’t long at home, though, before I was right back on the road, this time to explore the Devon and Cornwall counties.  The first day was spent accomplishing the just over 6 hour drive to our hotel in Bodmin, the Westberry Hotel.  Honestly, the rooms weren’t spectacular, and the one we were given was without a shower, just a tub.  When I asked at the front desk, their solution was to give us the key to an unoccupied room down the hall to use the shower there…  The restaurant in the hotel made up for that at least.  It is a fancier restaurant, I got spring rolls with duck and a plum sauce, and roasted lamb shank.  It was all fabulous, although somewhat pricey.  At least my stomach was happy as I attempted to solve that shower situation!

Spinster's SheepHello!When morning came we backtracked a bit to go explore Dartmoor National Park, a place I’ve been looking at visiting since I moved to England last summer.  Not far into the park, we came in from the North, was Spinster’s Rock.  According to the sign at the site, this was a “Neolithic burial chamber erected around 3500-2500 B.C.” and that “the chamber probably contained many burials and would originally have been covered by a long earthen mound.”  It also fell down in 1862 and locals re-erected it.  It was quite large, as you can see in the picture of me with it, I can’t imagine how they lifted that top stone!  Spinster’s Rock is located within a pasture (you can enter it) that was currently the home of a pair of sheep, who were not too happy when we came too close.  In the next pasture over, across a farmhouse’s driveway, were several horses, who, unlike the sheep, came right up to say hi!

Becky FallsSpring is Here!After our stint at Spinster’s Rock, we proceeded through Dartmoor to the little park with Becky Falls in it.  It is a lovely waterfall, cascading over rocks, creating many little falls.  The park contains a fair amount of walking trails, but the falls are not far down the trails.  There is a second, smaller waterfall much further down, but I can not vouch for that, as we didn’t go down to it.  The park does charge £7.75 per adult, though, but I suppose it maintains the paths.


In just over a week, I will be heading to Iceland with a friend, where we will be spending a whole 8 days exploring the Ring Road.  We know the obvious tourist destinations, we’ve found some off the wall things, but I’m asking you guys for any tips on amazing places to see while there???  I am insanely excited for this trip and there is so much I already want to see, but I also don’t want to miss the best of it!


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