The Wild Ponies of Dartmoor

Wild Dartmoor PonySo, if you google Dartmoor National Park at all, you will likely find plenty of mentions of the wild ponies that inhabit the park.  I have attempted to find wild horses in Wyoming before, which turned out to be quite elusive and shy.  I didn’t have high hopes for finding the ponies in Dartmoor, and even less of getting decent pictures of them.  I didn’t plan on it, and they were not my reason for wanting to see Dartmoor.  So imagine my surprise when we actually found them and they were not at all shy like their relatives in Wyoming!

Wild Dartmoor Pony ColtWild Dartmoor PonyWhile driving down road B3212 between Bovey Castle and the town of Postbridge, we finally spotted some!  Most were out in the fields, a fair distance away, but one I spotted along a little side road.  We turned around, and went back to the turnoff for the road that ran just below him.  He wasn’t disturbed much when we stopped on the road and proceeded to take pictures of him.  He let out a whinny at one point, but kept on grazing.  After some pictures of him, and a glance at the GPS, we decided to keep going down the road we were on, it would eventually rejoin the B3212.  So thankful we chose to do that!  A good ways down the road, we eventually came upon a mother and her colt, right along the road side.  Again, they were undisturbed  by our presence.  Although the mother looked absolutely exhausted, after we had been there for a while, out of the car, taking pictures of them, she eventually started to fall asleep!  Gorgeous animals, and that baby!  I wanted to go wrap my arms around his neck and bury my face in all that fluff!

Wild Dartmoor Ponies


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