Some More Dartmoor

Wandering in DartmoorEternally GreenWe continued to make our way through Dartmoor National Park, stopping here and there for little sights.  One of these was to see an old clapper bridge in the little town of Postbridge.  Clapper bridges were made (usually) during the medieval times, some are more recent.  They consist of large, flat stones for the bridge surface, resting upon pillar stones in the stream.  The one in Postbridge dates to at least the 1300’s.  Nothing super exciting, but still fun to see and walk across!

Postbridge BridgeDangers of the Merrivale QuarryI also got to indulge my abandoned side in Dartmoor National Park, when we stopped to check out the old Merrivale Quarry.  I can’t find much on it online, aside from it was a quarry for granite and was operated until about the 1970’s.  Whatever its true story is, I loved the old buildings throughout, and even more so the sign warning of the dangers of the water in the pit…

Clapper Bridge

Abandoned at the Merrivale QuarryThe Merrivale Quarry


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