DANGER – Old Mine Workings

Danger!So…. I love old abandoned buildings.  How many times will I say that?  Probably a million!  I enjoy searching for these before I go places, hoping to find something that will be in the area I’m passing through, something amazing, forgotten, and worth the stop to photograph it.  There’s just something about a building that has just been left, for years, for nature to exact its toll on, that speaks to me.  I find it peaceful and intriguing to explore these places and photograph them.  Little memoirs of forgotten places…

Botallack Tin MinesBotallack Tin MinesWhen I searched for things in Cornwall, a common theme kept showing itself, abandoned tin mines along the coastline with the Atlantic Ocean, covering several miles of the coastline.  They called to me…  I would have loved to have gone along the coast, from little town to little town, stopping to explore and photograph all of the different remains of the buildings, but that wasn’t in the stars for me this trip.  My traveling companion had her young daughter with us, who decided that she had had enough, and was in quite the sour mood.  My friend opted to stay in the car and wait for me, rather than walk around with little Miss Tantrum, so I ended up browsing the area near the little town of Botallack, rather quickly.  Oh well, there is more in the Cornwall area I would like to see some day, so I will just add the remainder of the tin mines to that list and get to it at some point…  They were beautiful, old stone buildings, perfect for photography!

Botallack Tin Mines

Botallack Tin Mines




  1. We have the same blood – enjoyed your thoughts and images.

    1. Oh, we do! I can’t wait to sit and read through your blog, but I am on the road in Iceland at the moment! Will be catching up soon!

      1. Wow, Iceland hey, wish I was there too 🙂

        Safe travelling and look forward to hearing more from you.

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