Her Conversation Agreeable

The Bath AbbeyThe Ceiling of the Bath AbbeyAfter bouncing around some places in Cornwall, we drove up to Bath and stayed a night there at the Highways Guest House.  The little bed & breakfast is located just outside the downtown/historical area of Bath, supposedly a 15 minute walk if you chose to do so (we just took a quick cab ride for about £6 each way).  I liked this little B&B, it was charming, old, our room was a triple room, and quite nice, with a very large bathroom to use, complete with a towel warming rack (talk about Heaven after a shower!).  The host was extremely helpful when we arrived, providing us with a cab number and going well out of his way to find the Moroccan restaurant we were wanting to eat at on a brochure map (he even went and found his glasses for this).  In the morning, they were gracious enough to allow us to leave our car in their parking lot after we checked out while we went to see the sights.  Next time I go to Bath (there will be a next time for sure) I will be staying here again, it was perfect in every way!

The Bath AbbeyThe Bath AbbeyA quick side note… That Moroccan restaurant…  absolutely amazing!  We ate at Cafe Du Globe, right in the heart of the historic area along the North Parade Passageway.   The hummus appetizer I got was delicious, although a small serving, definitely only enough for one.  For the main course, I felt like trying something new, and pampering myself once I read the words “An elaborate, traditional royal sweet and savoury Morrocan specialty…”  Sounded like a winner to me!  It was the B’stila D’jej, a filo pastry stuffed with chicken, almonds, and a saffron sauce, baked, and then sprinkled generously with powdered sugar and cinnamon.  It was without a doubt my favorite Moroccan dish yet.  The flavors are soft, savoury, delicious, and the cinnamon drives it from amazing to superb.  I loved it so much that when I do visit Bath again, that will be my dinner…

The Ceiling of the Bath AbbeyThe Bath AbbeySince the restaurant was so conveniently located in the heart of the historic area, after dinner, I went to see the Bath Abbey lit up in the dark.  It was just down the street and around a corner, a total walking time of 1 minute!  I took some pictures, returned to the restaurant, collected my traveling companion and her daughter, and we retired to our B&B for the night.  In the morning we returned to the same location and wandered through the abbey first.  They offer tours up into the bell tower of the abbey, supposedly you are rewarded with quite the view up there, but we had just missed the start of a tour, would have to wait an hour for the next, and then the tour takes an hour…  We really weren’t interested enough to waste that much time when there was so much else to see in Bath.  The abbey was beautiful enough without the tower tour, the ceilings were amazing, and I loved all the memorial stones throughout it.  My favorite was that of Elizabeth Winckley, who apparently had friends who admired her many qualities, such as “her conversation agreeable.”

Her Conversation Agreeable

Love Within an Abbey



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