St. Michael’s Mount

The CausewayUp to the Castle...While in the Cornwall area, we went to see St. Michael’s Mount, an island only reachable by foot on a causeway at low tide.  During high tide, you can catch a boat to or from the island for £2.  We got there in the morning just in time to walk out, as the waves were just starting to come over the causeway.  The castle is located on a large hill, so it was quite the climb up to it, but worth it.  The rooms within the castle were beautiful, nicely decorated.  I loved all of the stained glass squares in the dining room windows depicting random scenes!  The little church has a small statue of St. Michael offering his hand to the devil, which a member of the staff told us in the afternoon, the sun shines through the stained glass onto it, changing it all sorts of beautiful colors.  Sometimes, gold light shines directly on the offered hand…  Catch that if you can, I would have loved to have seen it, but it just wasn’t worth putting off a day’s worth of plans and sights.  Visit the Mount’s site for information on the tides, so you can plan your visit!

The Mount's HarborStained Glass in the Dining RoomThe Mount

St. Michael's Mount

The Mount's Harbor with the Causeway Under WaterSt. Michael's Mount, from the Boat


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