The Baths of Bath

Enjoying the Warmth...The Holy SpringAfter strolling through the Bath Abbey, we proceeded to head across the little square to the Roman Baths.  A rather famous site, there are tons of pictures online, looking down into the pool with the Roman statues lined around the top….   Well, not quite.  Of course, there is that large pool, with the statues above, but the statues are merely reproductions.  Although you can’t really even call them that.  When they unearthed the pools, some gentleman whose name I can not recall, made these statues, and it appears that he made them out of concrete or something quite similar.  It was rather disappointing.  The remainder of the site made up for this however, for I was quite unaware that there was more than one pool!  Or that it is fed with a hot spring!  The things you learn when you visit a site in person…

Discharge from the Hot SpringThe Roman BathsThe water comes up in “The Holy Spring” which you can view from behind glass, and then runs into the other pools.  The path you follow through the site leads you down inside the building, past exhibits of relics and building pieces they found, and through an area where the hot waters run through some drainage.  That was a nice and steamy area, and rather neat to see.  The pool area common in the photos is next, you get to walk around the bottom, see the east and west pools on either side, and see where the pool is fed with runoff from the springs.  Everywhere are signs posted not to touch or drink the water, that it is not treated…  It really isn’t, which I found rather saddening, since I can not picture a Roman bathing in that nasty green, algae filled water.  The Romans must have treated it with something, so why can’t the individuals maintaining this site?  In addition to the algae, ducks were swimming in the heated water, so I can only imagine the pleasantries they add to the water!  I will admit, though, I did touch the water where it was running out from the spring, hot and steaming and much cleaner in appearance.  It was nice and warm, but not anywhere near burning hot.  I highly suggest if you’re in Bath, do take the tour through this site, it was worth the stop, much to my surprise.

The West Baths


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