The Beauty of Blue – Brúarfoss

BrúarfossThe Foot Bridge to BrúarfossBrúarfoss was a later addition to our plans for the Golden Circle area, it does not seem to be a well known location.  Maybe the locals try and keep it secret, can’t say that I blame them, but this was one of our favorites, so I think I’ll pass on the knowledge of this little gem…  I discovered it on a blog, StuckinIceland, and used his directions to plot it on our Google map.  When we used our Garmin, however, it apparently didn’t recognize the little road leading to the falls (I assume since its a housing area?) and took us down a different road.  I didn’t realize the mistake, and thought the two lane track we were looking at was the one referenced in the directions (I did have those written down)…  The two lane track we found wasn’t good enough for our Duster, so we parked it there and started walking, believing it to be a short walk.

Our short walk became quite the hike, made all the worse, because I absolutely had to go to the bathroom, and had not brought along the toilet paper from the car, thinking it was just a quick walk.  About 2/3 of the way to the falls we come upon a small, but wide stream.  His directions mention crossing a small footbridge.  Well, there was no constructed bridge anywhere in sight.  Instead, there was a piling of rocks in a line across the stream.  A very sketchy looking line of rocks…  We stare at it, very skeptically, and I get a little irritated at the quality of this “foot bridge.”  My boyfriend pulls out his handheld GPS and sees that we’re not that far off from the falls, so we decide to cross it…  The rocks wobble, others are slick with water, some covered with some water!  I am very thankful we made it across both times without slipping in, and even more thankful that my new hiking boots were waterproof!!

BrúarfossAfter our stream crossing, we continued on for a while longer, and eventually we came up alongside Brúarfoss, and walked out on the actual footbridge below the falls.  After our 1.25 mile trek to reach them, we were just a bit relieved to see just how beautiful these falls were.  The water pours down into a small gorge that runs up the river, with water pouring in on both sides.  And the blue of the water!  Everywhere in Iceland the water is so pure, so blue, so beautiful, but the water at Brúarfoss was some of the bluest we saw.  Absolutely gorgeous with a backdrop of snow covered mountains!

I highly recommend you find these falls, even if you have to take the long, crazy approach like we did!  It was more than worth it, none of the other waterfalls we saw around Iceland were remotely similar to these.  Plus, when does a little hike not feel good?  I did find before we headed back, you can go under the bridge and get a lower view of the falls, or even climb down the bank on the right side to get water-level shots.






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