Wandering around the Golden Circle

Black Volcanic Rock Everywhere!Silfra - North America on the right, Eurasia on the leftSo… back to that Iceland trip…  We woke early on day 2 to painfully sore and tired bodies.  Our 3 hour ride on the horses the prior day had taken its toll.  We had booked a reservation to go snorkeling in the continental divide at Silfra, yet neither of us particularly felt like starting our day in this manner.  We called and canceled, and then promptly went back to sleep!

SilfraWhen we woke a little later, we got ourselves ready for the day and headed back into Þingvellir National Park.  We might not have wanted to snorkel in Silfra, but we still wished to see it!  Upon seeing the continental divide, though, we were kind of glad we decided to cancel it.  The divide, while quite deep in places, was not very wide.  The portion they were snorkeling in was rather short as well.  I can’t say its not worth it, since we didn’t do it, but if I had to choose, I would try the diving option as opposed to the snorkeling.  It would probably be much more enjoyable to go deep into it, as opposed to floating along its surface…  We walked around the sides of the divide, snapped our pictures of it, and the lake it empties into, Lake Þingvallavatn, and then we were on our way to the geothermal area in the town of Hveragerði.
Driving South of Þingvellir National ParkBeautifully DeadOur GPS directed us to head back towards our hotel, to the east, and then south along the lake.  We had already been this route to our hotel, and it looked far more boring than following the road down the west side of Lake Þingvallavatn, between lake and mountains.  We chose to take the detour and enjoy the scenery.  It turned out to be a beautiful, somewhat lengthy drive.  We followed the base of the mountains, attempted to drive over them (thank you GPS), but found the road blocked with a huge snow drift, returned to the base, and continued to follow the lake.  We didn’t come upon any other cars while taking this route, a peaceful, solitary time away from the rest of the tourists.  We stopped along the shore of the lake at one point for pictures, all the while listening to the distant wails of a lone loon…

Driving South of Þingvellir National Park

"Road Can Be Impassable"


Driving South of Þingvellir National Park

Lake Þingvallavatn

Driving South of Þingvellir National Park



  1. Ever heard of the Black Angel in Iowa City? First thing I thought of when I saw your blog.

    1. Yes, but I never got the chance to go see her. I lived in Omaha, Nebraska for a while, and did photograph the Black Angel they have just across the river in Council Bluffs, Iowa. She used to be the profile picture I used on here. Maybe some day I’ll make it by the one in Iowa City…

  2. […] our delightful detour through the remote areas of the Golden Circle, we eventually arrived in the town of Hveragerði.  We grabbed a quick lunch of hot dogs (one of […]

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