Hveragerði Geothermal Area

Hveragerði Geothermal AreaHveragerði Geothermal AreaAfter our delightful detour through the remote areas of the Golden Circle, we eventually arrived in the town of Hveragerði.  We grabbed a quick lunch of hot dogs (one of the major food sources you might find yourself consuming), and then headed for the geothermal area on the edge of the town.  Since we were sore and hurting from the horses, we tried to find the closest parking we possibly could!  We crossed a bridge over the little river dividing the town from the area, and drove through some sort of farming college, parking in a little dirt pulloff near the area.  Not sure how legit that was, but no one was around, and the car was fine when we returned…  Worked for me!

Hveragerði Geothermal AreaThe Pipe Runoff's WatefallWe crossed a fence into the area, and immediately were rewarded with views of some large bubbling mud pots, or whatever those are actually called.  The path was empty after these for awhile, eventually arriving at a huge outburst of raging steam.  They had piping redirecting heated water, and one was either broken or intentionally dumping there, I’m assuming it was the latter.  Even though it was piping, it was still amazing to see with its power, and the steam completely obscures the pipe from site.  I can only say it was a pipe for sure, since we approached from one side close enough to see.  Careful with that if you choose to do so…

Hveragerði Geothermal AreaHveragerði Geothermal AreaThe run off from the pipe runs down the hill and over the bank into the river, which is a good twenty feet down (if I’m off on that, do forgive me, I suck with measurements!).  There is a rope attached to a post above, which you can hold on to and walk yourself up or down the side, which is rather steep.  Its an easy descent and ascent with the rope, don’t be worried about that.  Once down at the river level, you can view the little fall created from the pipe’s water, or view a small fall in the river itself.

After the steam vent, we headed back to our car.  We couldn’t see any other steam or pots within view, so we decided to head on our way to our next stops.  I have read, however, that this is the place to climb up into the hills and mountains, and that somewhere, about an hour in, is a heated stream that you can swim in.  I wouldn’t mind returning to Iceland, and I will be definitely looking for that if I do!


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