The Drive to Hjálparfoss…

Scenic View PointIcelandic HorseAfter our time in the Hveragerði Geothermal Area, we headed East towards some waterfalls we wanted to see, Hjálparfoss and Háifoss.  The drive to Hjálparfoss was beautiful, we found ourselves driving along a large river, with the mountains on the other side.  At one point we noticed a sign for a “point of interest” is the best translation I can come up with for what is really just a sign with a picture of a flower-like design.  I noticed they were used for the big tourist attractions.  So, we decided to check it out.  We had missed the first turn for it, but just down the road was a second gravel road, leading back the way we had come, so we took that, up onto a very high hill.  At the crest of the road, was a little area to pull over, and a path leading up the hill between the gravel road and the main road.  We climbed it, and what a view!!  Absolutely breathtaking looking out over the river and the mountains in the distance…  A beautiful little stop to get out and stretch your legs with.  Watch for that if you find yourselves heading along Highway 30 to those falls.

Icelandic HorseHjálparfossAfter our view, I drove us back towards the initial turnoff point for the gravel road, for I had also noticed when we passed it, there was a field with some Icelandic horses in it, and I desperately wanted to get some pictures of those cuties!  Fortunately, when I approached the fence, two were nearby and curious enough to come say hi, enjoy some scratches, and pose for the camera…

Eventually we reached our first waterfall destination, Hjálparfoss.  The falls were pretty, a pair of rushing, full force falls, with some interesting shaped lava rocks around the area.  We snapped some pictures, I got took some quick video of the area, and then we were back in the car, heading to what we know would be a far better waterfall, Háifoss…



  1. This is incredible! What a serene and magical place to visit

    1. It was so amazing and relaxing. I loved Iceland, everywhere was pure magic!

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