The Splendor of Háifoss

HáifossHáifossEventually, we arrived at the little gravel road leading to our final destination for the day, Háifoss.  This was one of those times that we were so thankful for our choice of rental vehicle, the Dacia Duster.  The road was rocky, holey, bumpy.  Or at least it wouldn’t have been bumpy in a car.  The suspension on the Duster was flawless and we barely felt the bumps at all.  There were some large holes in the road, so I would seriously question doing it in a car, although I know it could be done.  I’ve taken tiny, crappy cars up worse roads than that in Crete…  Although, we were glad for our Duster.  Didn’t have to think twice about any of it, just go!  Even through the water fording we had to do at one point (I don’t think that was particularly deep, a couple of inches).

The Road to HáifossHáifossWhen we arrived at the falls, several miles up the road, we had the place all to ourselves.  The falls were amazing, so high, they’re the second tallest in Iceland.  There was still snow in the canyon, surrounding where the falls fell, making the water disappear from sight before it came out downstream, where the canyon opened up and the sun had melted the snow already.  We took a bunch of pictures (and video!) while enduring some rather cold and strong winds.

HáifossAs we were finishing up, we were surprised when we were joined, by not a car, but a helicopter!  As we stood there looking at the falls in the canyon, a helicopter came up from the valley, into the canyon, and came out above us, turned around, went back past the falls again, and then landed further down our side of the canyon.  The passengers were able to disembark and enjoy the falls from the ground as well.  How insanely cool would it be to be able to see those falls that way!?!?  Seriously, if you’re thinking of finding these falls, you might want to try and see if you can find out how to get that ride, and if its not too expensive.

Me at Háifoss!Since our privacy was gone, and mostly because we were losing feeling in our faces, we headed back up the little path to the car, blasted the heat, and headed back to our hotel for the night.

And don’t forget!  For these videos I keep adding in, be sure to watch them in 1080pHD!!



  1. Superbly magnificent shots! 🙂 Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

    1. Thank you! The location certainly helped! 🙂

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