Merkjárfoss or Gluggafoss?

Gluggafoss/MerkjárfossI’ve got to say it, I hate when places have more than one name!  Why can’t people call it one thing or the other, just chose one, its not that difficult…  Frankly, Gluggafoss sounds kind of funny when you say it, while Merkjárfoss looks a little more fancy and Icelandic, but the sign at the falls reads Gluggafoss at the top, while acknowledging that it is also called Merkjárfoss… So, I’m going to call it Gluggafoss.

Gluggafoss was our first destination in the morning on day 3,  the first of two days we would spend traversing the southern coast of Iceland.  While not a huge waterfall, or as awe-inspiring as others, it was near to Seljalandsfoss, so it was added to the itinerary.  After all, why not?  Things don’t have to be huge to be pretty and worth the time!

Harlequin DucksGluggafoss/MerkjárfossGluggafoss was pretty in a different way, it was a set of two falls.  The lower being wider and shorter, with the upper falls being more long and narrow and set back within the rock cliffs.  It was a lovely setting, and you’re able to climb up the side of hill along the lower falls to view the upper.  And conveniently, while Seljalandsfoss was extremely busy with buses of tourists, we were the only ones at Gluggafoss (although, as we arrived, a bus was pulling out of the lot).  If we had had the time to sit and relax for a few hours, what an amazing place it would have been to spread out a blanket at the top of the lower falls…


As we pulled away, I noticed some very pretty and unique large birds along the little river from the falls.  They turned out to be oystercatchers, black and white, with extremely long orange beaks, they stand out, and we kept seeing them all the way around Iceland.  I had to stop for pictures of these, and also ended up finding two pairs of harlequin ducks, also very beautiful birds!



Don’t forget to watch the video in HD!


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