Magical Gljúfrabúi

GljúfrabúiSeljalandsfossOf course our next stop after Gluggafoss was Seljalandsfoss, since it was only fifteen minutes further down the road.  Seljalandsfoss is probably the most iconic waterfall in Iceland, and well worth the stop, even if its full of tourists.  Its beautiful, you can walk all the way around behind it, and get soaked in its mists.  Who wouldn’t want to do that?!  There’s a foot path that continues heading north, along the base of the little cliff, with several other small waterfalls along it.  These are all merely water splashing over rocks from the top to the bottom.  Not so impressive.  However, when the path comes to an abrupt stop, keep walking…

SeljalandsfossThe mouth of the canyon leading to GljúfrabúiJust across the small field is another waterfall, but this one, unlike all of those along the footpath, is actually worth the walk.  It falls down within a little canyon and is hidden from outside view.  Most people don’t even know its there…  We were there by ourselves and only passed one other couple as we left!  All those tourists at Seljalandsfoss just stopped walking when the footpath ended!  What a loss on their part!

The little canyon that Gljúfrabúi falls into is small and narrow, and not that long.  To reach the falls you enter at the mouth of the canyon, and walk on little rocks up into the canyon (it seems somebody planted these rocks for a footpath).  Fair warning, you are going to get wet if you chose to approach the falls this way, but some things are Gljúfrabúisimply worth it.  So it is with Gljúfrabúi.  Just in front of the base of the falls are a few large boulders you can climb up on and at this point there is no denying the spray you’ll be drenched in.  Just enjoy it (and keep dry clothes in the car if you don’t have on clothes that will dry fast).  I highly recommend if you’re traveling Iceland that you bring clothes that air dry quickly, while you’re wearing them…

There is another approach to this waterfall that doesn’t involve getting wet.  Just outside the mouth of the canyon is a path leading up the side of the hill to the top of the canyon to look down on the falls.  We wanted to do this, but it had been raining on and off all morning and this path was slick, steep, and muddy.  We highly doubted we could even make it to the top, even with the aid of the rope along it, let alone do it without getting covered in mud!  So, I can’t speak to how it looks from the top, but from the bottom, its one of those magical places you just have to experience to understand.

ALSO…  I have started a Facebook page for my blog, where I will be uploading pictures, faster, and updates as I have my adventures.  In just over a week I will be taking a little trip to Paris, keep up with me then, and later on my trip to Poland over the Labor Day weekend to see Auschwitz…  Check it out and like my page with the link on the right!!

As always, for the video, be sure to change the settings to 1080pHD!


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