Searching for Warmth at Hveraröndor Hverir!

Mother Nature is Amazing!Hveraröndor HverirMiss me?  Its been a few day since my last post on here…  I spent last weekend in Paris!  It was beautiful there and I had far more fun than I had thought I would!  People like to talk down on it a lot, say its dirty, crowded…  It turned out to be cleaner than people made it, and maybe I chose a better time to travel, but it didn’t seem all that crowded…  Anyways, check out some preliminary pics and videos I uploaded to my Facebook page while traveling in Paris, here!

After our stint down to see the film sites from the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, we headed to the Lake Mývatn area, full of things to see and do.  To reach Lake Mývatn from the east coast you drive up into the mountains to a higher elevation.  In the beginning of May, these areas still had plenty of snow on the ground.  The closer we got to Mývatn, the more snow there was, and the colder it became…




Hveraröndor HverirHveraröndor HverirThe first spot to explore was another geothermally heated area, Hveraröndor Hverir.  The cold air made this a delightful area for a stroll!  Several mounds of rocks had steam rapidly coming out of them, just raging away.  Standing near these, especially behind them in the steam was warmer!  They felt awesome!  Although they might not have smelt as nice…

Unlike the Haukadalur geothermal area, there were no ropes keeping you back from some of these mounds.  You could walk right up to them and enjoy their warmth.  A lot of the area was behind ropes, though.  These were obvious soft areas, with pools of water and mud.  Places you really don’t want to be walking anyways…

As always, watch the video in HD!  Especially to see those steaming mounds and bubbling pools of water and mud in action!!




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