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1,111 Explorers!

  It was a great feeling this morning, waking up and seeing that I have reached 1,111 fellow explorers!  Such a pretty number!  Now I think it’s time to ask you all some questions…  Obviously, I am not a professional blogger, so help me out with any and all advise that you might have!  What […]

Untouched for Years...

Beyond My Wildest Dreams – Cimetière du Père Lachaise

After navigating the metro maze, I found myself across the street from the Cimetière du Père Lachaise.  It’s above the street with a wall holding up the hill, and blocking most of it from site.  In the corner of the cemetery is a doorway, that opens onto stairs up, an awesome entrance for an awesome […]

Montparnasse Cemetery

Lost in Paris

After a late night, I  slept in just a bit, before getting ready to head out and see Paris.  I really wanted to see the catacombs, but after reading on their web site ahead of time, I knew the line could become really long, like four hours of waiting long.  So I figured I’d start […]

The Notre-Dame Cathedral

Paris! At Long Last!!

As those of you who follow me on Facebook saw from the pictures and videos, a couple of weeks ago, I took a 3 day weekend trip to Paris, my first time seeing the city.  I hopped an evening train out of London directly to Paris, without a doubt, the most pricey part of my […]

Around the Blue Lagoon

The Last of Iceland

Day 8 dawned dreary and rainy.  We had planned on doing a several hour hike to see the tallest waterfall in Iceland, Glymur.  I had read a lot about this hike.  Sitting in the parking lot at the base of the hike, listening to the rain, I debated its safety.  I knew it should go […]


Water From Lava

Our final destination for the day was a hotel on Hvalfjörður fjord.  Once we got closer to that area, there were a few things I had found for us to stop and see.  The first of these was Deildartunguhver Hot Springs.  It was not a huge site, but worth the stop.  You walk from the parking […]

A Smaller Crater just North of Grábrók Crater

Relieved to Reach Grábrók Crater

Day 7…  Was a long day of driving with not much to interrupt it.  Not that it was boring, the scenery was beautiful.  There just wasn’t much to stop for, to get out of the car and stretch our legs with.  So, we drove and drove.  Eventually, in the later half of the day, we […]