A Land of Craters

Viti CraterFrom Hveraröndor Hverir, we backtracked down the road just a bit, to take a road on the opposite side up to the Leirhnjúkur or Krafla Lava Field and Viti Crater.  The road takes you through what I assume is a massive power plant for the geothermal area below ground, but I really have no idea about those types of things…  You will want to hold your breath, though, when you pass through the heart of it and all of the steam.  Pure rotten eggs…

The Trail up to the Rim of Hverfjall CraterUp on top of the hill is a parking area for the lava field.  Unfortunately… there was too much snow!!  There was still at least a foot on the ground.  I knew from prior research that the lava field was a good ways out from the parking lot.  Looking out across the snow, there was no sight of them and we decided it wasn’t worth the effort to look for something that far off and obscured from sight, especially considering the cold weather and our lack of snow appropriate foot-gear!

Hverfjall Crater

We continued down the little road to see Viti Crater.  Viti is a crater full of beautiful blue water that people apparently can swim in during the summer months.  Of course, this was frozen over with more snow on top of it, but, you could still see that amazing blue color in the ice!  If you haven’t noticed in some of my posts, but it always seems to be the beautiful blue colors I’m commenting on…  Something about blue that I just love!

We continued on our way after Viti, to Hverfjall Crater along the side of Lake Mývatn.  This crater was much larger than Viti, and rather than being a hole in the ground like Viti, it rises high above the landscape.  There is a path up the side of the crater to the top, where you can look down into the crater, or get quite a view of the area around Lake Mývatn!  It wasn’t a horribly steep or long climb, but I did need to stop a few times along the way up.  I was tired and sore from our treks throughout the prior 5 days.  Some days you just aren’t at the top of your game!  I highly recommend you make this climb, this was the best crater we saw while driving around Iceland!

The map below shows the locations I have already discussed, or will be discussing next, in case any of you would like to see them…  I forget sometimes that the biggest reason for starting this blog is to share my discoveries with you all, so that you might enjoy these places for yourself!  Maps definitely help aid in physically finding them when the time comes!


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