Relieved to Reach Grábrók Crater

A Smaller Crater just North of Grábrók CraterStairway up the side of  Grábrók Crater

Day 7…  Was a long day of driving with not much to interrupt it.  Not that it was boring, the scenery was beautiful.  There just wasn’t much to stop for, to get out of the car and stretch our legs with.  So, we drove and drove.  Eventually, in the later half of the day, we stumbled upon signs for Grábrók Crater.  We jumped at they opportunity to get out, and when I realized you could climb to the top of this glacier as well I was all in.  What a great way to stretch my aching legs!

Grábrók CraterThe climb is not bad, with stairs along a lot of it.  Once at the top you have an incredible view of the surrounding countryside which is breathtaking.  You can walk around the entirety of the crater, enjoying views of a second, smaller crater.  It was an unexpected stop, but one that should have been planned, it was so beautiful.

Glanni WaterfallGlanni WaterfallFrom there we went looking for a waterfall that was marked on a sign with a map at the crater.   further down the road was a turn off on the left for Glanni Waterfall, along with a golf course.  We parked at the building for it, there was no one else around, and walked down the trail that that went to the right.  Eventually you make it to a viewing platform of the falls.

Glanni WaterfallGlanni Waterfall

If you want a close-up view, go back down the trail and you’ll find little trails breaking off in the direction of the river.  You might have to try a couple of these, but you should eventually come out by the falls.  There’s a small fish ladder across a calm section of water.  There are signs warning not to cross it, so I don’t recommend you do so!  With that being said, I did and that’s how I got the pictures of myself next to the falls.  Remember, I told you not to!  🙂

Warning sign to not cross the fish ladder...
The Fish Ladder...

From there, we continued on driving…



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