Water From Lava

DeildartunguhverDeildartunguhverOur final destination for the day was a hotel on Hvalfjörður fjord.  Once we got closer to that area, there were a few things I had found for us to stop and see.  The first of these was Deildartunguhver Hot Springs.  It was not a huge site, but worth the stop.  You walk from the parking lot along a stretch that the springs surface along.  There’s lots of boiling water and little jets of it shooting up.  The most impressive part, though, is the amount of steam it puts off.  You simply can’t see through it, and there are sections you can’t even see the water, despite the fact that you’re standing right beside it.  The signs there claim it is the largest hot spring in all of Europe, along with its waters being 97°C…  No wonder there’s so much steam!

New LifeAbsolute Cuteness!From there we continued on our way towards two waterfalls in the same location, Barnafoss and Hraunfossar.  Along the way I spotted a new born horse wobbling in the field and you guessed it, we HAD to stop!!  He was so adorable, having some difficulties walking.  He even tried to whiny at one point.  A bit of a failure, but so cute!  I loved him and while occupied attempting to get the best shot I could, some of the others became curious and came over to check me out…  I love these horses, the hair…  I just can’t get over the hair!!!

HraunfossarIcelandic HorseReluctantly, I parted ways with my new friends and we moved on.  Hraunfossar was easily the highlight of our next stop.  Barnafoss is frankly, kind of boring, especially after 7 days of gorgeous, insane waterfalls all over Iceland.  But Hraunfossar is unique among the waterfalls we saw during our trip.  It is a long series of little streams that run through a lava field, emerging from nothing to tumble into the river below.  A river that has that miraculous blue color that I’d come to love so dearly.  It has a pureness to it that I’d never seen before and in this day and age, I wonder if I ever will again…

HraunfossarBarnafossWe stayed the night at Hotel Glymur along the north side of the Hvalfjörður (Whale) fjord.  there weren’t many hotels open in this area, at this time of the year, and we wanted to be local to the fjord for the hike to Glymur waterfall in the morning.  So, we had to pay a fair amount for this hotel. Thankfully, it was worth every penny.  The rooms were very nice, with the bed up on a loft.  Included with the room?  A huge towel and robe for use in the outdoor hot tub!  What a view that hot tub had!  After spending seven straight, busy days traversing the ring road of Iceland, that hot tub felt amazing!  Soaking in it, relaxing, staring out at the gorgeous mountains on the fjord….

The view from the hot tub at Hotel Glymur...

Oh!  That Hair!!!

Loved this one!Enjoy the following video (in HD) of bubbling Deildartunguhver!

And enjoy this video as well of Hraunfossar & Barnafoss waterfalls (in HD of course)!


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