The Last of Iceland

Krýsuvík Geothermal Area
Krýsuvík Geothermal AreaDay 8 dawned dreary and rainy.  We had planned on doing a several hour hike to see the tallest waterfall in Iceland, Glymur.  I had read a lot about this hike.  Sitting in the parking lot at the base of the hike, listening to the rain, I debated its safety.  I knew it should go along some cliff edges, the quality of those I didn’t know.  I also knew there was a smooth round log that serves as a bridge over the river in one spot.  Disappointed, I made the call that it might be wise to skip this one.  We had, after all, seen everything else we wanted to, with really no issues or problems.  Guess we could sacrifice one thing…

Krýsuvík Geothermal AreaFrom there we headed south.  We drive through some of Reykjavik,  hit a 66° North store and got some warm gear (our glacier hiking tour guide and been wearing it and we both liked its look).  Then we continued south to the most southern peninsula to see the Krýsuvík geothermal area and of course, the Blue Lagoon.

Krýsuvík Geothermal AreaKrýsuvík geothermal area was set at the base of some small mountains, across from a little lake.  A wooden path with stairs leads you up through the area.  You’ll notice in the video, far up on the mountain, there’s some steam from something.  We didn’t go up, but it did look like a path might take you up to it.

Behind the Blue LagoonWe didn’t stay long at the area.  It was neat and pretty, but again, we’d seen the best geothermal areas of Iceland so this didn’t have that wow factor for us.  soon enough we were back in the Duster heading towards the Blue Lagoon.

Around the Blue LagoonThe Blue Lagoon turned out to be very expensive and from standing at the counter, seemed very crowded.  We were both tired and after spending a ton of money all over Iceland (it isn’t a cheap country to visit), we decided it wasn’t worth it. We did, however walk down a path that took us through the lava rocks and pools full of the beautiful blue water.  We found ourselves behind the lagoon with the thermally heated water and I had to stop to dip my feet in!

Around the Blue LagoonWe then headed for the hotel near the airport for some good rest before flying home the next day.  But not before snapping a pic of what had been new hiking boots, that were now thoroughly broken in with all the colors of Iceland!!

My new boots, broken in with all the colors of Iceland!It had been an amazing 8 day trek around the ring road of Iceland.  Do many amazing sights and experiences!  This was one of the best, and certainly most unique trips of my life.  If you are looking for that one magical place to see and have the experience of a lifetime, look no further than Iceland.Dipping my feet in the heated waters behind the Blue Lagoon


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