Paris! At Long Last!!

The Notre-Dame Cathedral over the Seine RiverThe Notre-Dame CathedralAs those of you who follow me on Facebook saw from the pictures and videos, a couple of weeks ago, I took a 3 day weekend trip to Paris, my first time seeing the city.  I hopped an evening train out of London directly to Paris, without a doubt, the most pricey part of my trip.  My train from London arrived in Paris just after 10 at night.  I  hurried to find the metro in the huge station, and rather than go to the ticket counter with a line, I went to the ticket machine.  Well, big mistake.  The machine wouldn’t accept my American credit cards and I had no change for the machine, only a €50 bill…  So, in the time in took me to realize I couldn’t get my ticket from the machine, the short ticket counter line had become a long line.  After waiting in line behind a lot of slow, confused tourists with a ton of questions, I finally got my ticket.

They try and sell you on a multi-day pass for transportation on the city.  Not sure all of what it includes, but I know it does include the metro.  A great idea if you’re going to use these things a lot, but I doubt it would be worth it.  Over 3 1\2 days I used it maybe a dozen times, each for only €1.70.  The 3 day pass would have cost me €26.50.  I think it’s obvious which was cheaper.  You’ll find yourself walking around a lot between some of the sights.  I just don’t think you’d use the pass enough to make it work while, but maybe.  I would try and decide that ahead of time, before they charge you a lot!

The Notre-Dame Cathedral from the island I stayed onFire Dancers in front of the The Notre-Dame CathedralI eventually arrived at my stop on the little island that is home to the Notre-Dame Cathedral (I was staying on the neighboring island).  I had found a little apartment through the website for my stay, for far less than any hotel  in the area would have cost.  The hotel down the street on the same island wanted €700 a night!  I stayed in the apartment for 3 nights for a fraction of that amount!  I highly recommend you check out this site for traveling, so many amazing, CHEAP, places on there, many of them right in the heart of the old cities.  Anyways, my host had provided me with directions to reach his place, which brought me right past three Notre-Dame!  It was beautifully lit up and I was in love!  I couldn’t resist taking the time to get some pictures of it and watch the men dancing with fire in front of it.

Eventually I moved on, past the cathedral, and  crossed the bridge to the next island, which would be my home for the next three nights.  Down the “main” street a bit and there it was!  My host was extremely nice, and before he left, walked me over to the Jewish quarter where there might be some restaurants still open (it was after 11 at this point on a Thursday night).  I got a gyro, and headed back, enjoying the sights along the Seine River and of the cathedral.  I quickly retired for the night, though, anxious to explore Paris in the morning!

Looking at the beautiful Notre-Dame

A little video of the fire dancers…


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