Beyond My Wildest Dreams – Cimetière du Père Lachaise

Stalking Prey in the Cimetière du Père LachaiseCimetière du Père LachaiseAfter navigating the metro maze, I found myself across the street from the Cimetière du Père Lachaise.  It’s above the street with a wall holding up the hill, and blocking most of it from site.  In the corner of the cemetery is a doorway, that opens onto stairs up, an awesome entrance for an awesome cemetery.  I walked up the stairs…

Inside the crypt pictured to the rightCimetière du Père LachaiseIt was love at first sight!  Rows and rows and rows of crowded crypts and graves!  I walked up the main path, but not for far before deciding that tiny little dirt path back in amongst the crypts looked far more intriguing…  I backtracked a bit to get on that…

Untouched for Years...So many touching stones...I lost myself for several hours in Pere Lachaise.  Wandering up and down little dirt paths, this way or that.  If I’d reach an intersection, I’d glance each way and pick the most interesting route (which wasn’t always easy to choose!) and head off.

Cimetière du Père LachaiseAn Eternity in MourningOf course I was never truly lost.  The sections are all marked with signs, and I had downloaded a map of the cemetery prior to heading there on my tablet.  It helped me find some of the graves of famous individuals that I wanted to see, like Chopin and Edith Piaf.  I love Edith’s music, some of that, candle light, wine, maybe a hot bubble bath… No better way to relax for an evening!

Cimetière du Père LachaiseCimetière du Père LachaiseBack to the topic at hand, though!  Cemetery heaven!  Every where I turned was another beautiful scene, another gorgeously creepy crypt, or hauntingly abandoned and decrepit tomb.  Seriously, I spent 3 hours wandering here and only left because my feet were killing me and I desperately needed to find a restroom!

Cimetière du Père LachaiseCimetière du Père LachaiseTo add in some food advice…  I left by a back exit that opened onto Rue de la Reunion.  I then walked down the street that connected to, Rue de Bagnolet which seemed to be a kaleidoscope of different cultures merged in one street.  I grabbed some food (and a restroom) at a little Chinese restaurant, a lot of food and drinks for less than €10!  Paris isn’t cheap in the tourist areas.  I was just a bit happy with that d deal I found.  So, plan to eat in the area while checking out the cemetery!

Cimetière du Père Lachaise



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  1. […] there in time to see them on the second day!  Right up there next to the catacombs was the Cimetière du Père Lachaise.  I love cemeteries, I find them hauntingly beautiful and peaceful.  I couldn’t miss that […]

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