1,111 Explorers!


1,111 Explorers!


It was a great feeling this morning, waking up and seeing that I have reached 1,111 fellow explorers!  Such a pretty number!  Now I think it’s time to ask you all some questions…  Obviously, I am not a professional blogger, so help me out with any and all advise that you might have!  What do you like, what do you dislike?  Are the videos I’ve started adding to some of my posts useful, or do you not care to watch them?  I won’t be offended if that’s the case, but if no one enjoys them, why make the effort to add those?  Or maps perhaps?  Would you like to see more of those?  What is the most helpful for you, what helps you decide to visit these places, or aids you in planning your trip?  I started this blog to share my adventures, so that others might get a feel for what these places are like, so that they might decide for themselves if they wish to go, and have any information they need to do so.

MidnightAngelPhoto on FacebookAlso, I started a Facebook page a while back, yet the likes are a little on the low side.  Your thoughts and opinions on that page as well?  Some of you are far more experienced than I with sharing your stories online, how do you make it a success?


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