The Ruins of Llanthony Priory

Llanthony PrioryLlanthony PrioryDay 2 saw us on the road early, heading to see Llanthony Priory before starting the long drive back home.  These days, Llanthony Priory is just some ruins within a beautiful green valley, north of the city of Abergavenny.  Built in the early 1100’s, its seen a lot of use as an Augustinian priory before eventually succumbing to King Henry VIII’s Dissolution of the Monasteries…

Llanthony PrioryThe Great Tower of Castle Raglan in the MoatAfter exploring the priory ruins, we got back on the road heading home.  Along the way, we spotted a sign for Raglan Castle, and decided to detour and check it out.  Raglan Castle turned out to be quite a beautiful castle, with a moat still around it and a tower sitting out in the moat, connected with the castle by a bridge.  Of course, this castle is in ruins as well, but a large part of it survives in good condition and it was quite a treat to walk around in it!

Raglan Castle

Underground Room in Raglan Castle


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