Lisboa – My Kind of Paradise!

Gazing at the stars in Lisbon from my roomThe stairs in the apartment building where I was stayingFor those of you who have been following me for a while, you might remember me mentioning traveling through southern Europe back in the summer for two weeks…  Well, here I go on catching you guys up on that adventure!  Which it was, without a doubt, an amazing adventure!  I spent 15 days on the road, 11 of them by myself, before eventually meeting up with a friend in Croatia.  On my own, I spent 3 days in Lisbon, Portugal, then hopped a flight to Valencia, Spain for another 3 days.  Then I caught another flight to Marseille, France, where I rented a car and drove down to stay a night on the Mediterranean Sea in Cassis, then drove the next day up through Provence to Lyon for a night.  The following day I explored Lyon before catching a train over to Geneva, Switzerland for a much cheaper flight out the following morning to Croatia.  There I met up with my friend, and spent a day exploring Dubrovnik, before driving into Bosnia & Herzegovina the following day for an overnight stay in beautiful old town of Mostar.  The following day saw us returning to Croatia, with a detour into Montenegro, before finally catching a flight home to England the next morning.  A long, busy, adventure packed trip, and I had the time of my life!  So, I have a lot to share with you all!!

My "home" in Lisbon for the next few nightsThe view down the hill to the river outside of where I was stayingI arrived in Lisbon at night, and navigated the metro system to where I would be staying for the next four nights.  I found it on the website, and loved it.  It was cheap, and in the heart of the city, within easy walking distance of some of the sights, the metro, and some great restaurants.  Only downfall?  I had to walk up 4 flights of Guard outside the Museu Da Guarda Nacional Republicana, near the ruins of the Carmo Conventstairs to get to it…  The more wandering and exploring I did in Lisbon, the more and more tired my legs got, and the harder it got to climb those stairs!  Although, by the end of my stay I was getting much better about it!  It is called a bed and breakfast, but it is similar to a hostel, you share a bathroom, except you do get your own room.  The bathroom situation wasn’t bad at all, there are 3 separate bathrooms, so I never found myself waiting for one and they are kept very clean.  They had a washer/dryer combo that they graciously allowed me to use before I left there as well.  There was a breakfast of simple pastries and jams in the morning, served in the kitchen, and then I was off for the day!  Click here if you’re interested in staying there.

Gelato, absolutely amazing!Ruins of the Carmo ConventI set off on day one without any concrete plan of what I wanted to see.  I just wanted to wander, explore, and enjoy it!  I made my way along the streets, enjoying all of the beautifully tiled buildings, the tiled streets, the amazing colors everywhere.  I quickly passed a gelato shop and couldn’t help myself, and returned to the streets armed with the necessary nutrition to see me through my travels!  I soon found myself in front of the ruins of the Carmo Convent (ok, I did have a little tourist map brochure, so I knew I was near and wandered over).  In 1755 a huge earthquake hit Lisbon, destroying much of the city, the convent was never rebuilt afterwards.  The ruins, after seeing so many grand ones in the UK, really weren’t all that impressive.  The picture Peruvian Mummies at the Carmo Conventto the right pretty much shows it all.  However, some of the convent remained in tact and is now an impressive little museum of pieces from the convent, an old library, and some Peruvian mummies brought back from South America…

Beautifully tiled buildings are everywhere in Lisbon

Next to the Carmo Convent, is the Santa Justa Lift, Stairs on the Santa Justa Liftan elevator to raise people on a lower street to the higher one where the convent is located.  From beside the convent, a bridge of sorts runs out to the lift, a good portion of the way up it.  High enough, to provide a good view of the city of Lisbon and the river below.  For a fee, you can ride the elevator from there to the top viewing platform.  I decided the view was just fine where I was and passed on paying that.  I left the way I came and continued to wander.  Eventually, I found myself at the bottom of the lift, where there was a rather long line of people waiting to take the elevator up.  I recommend you save yourself some time and just go see the convent and then walk out onto the lift without any sort of a line… Santa Justa Lift

Lisbon, from the Santa Justa Lift




  1. Excellent photos from this beautiful and historic city.

    1. Thank you! Its a gorgeous city!

  2. Lisboa is one of my favorite European cities!

    1. I loved it there!! I can’t help but wonder if I should have saved it for last though… I might have spoiled myself and ruined the rest!

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