The Disappointment of Geneva

Geneva, SwitzerlandI took a train in the afternoon from Lyon, France to Geneva, Switzerland.  I was going to catch a flight out in the morning to Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Unfortunately, some work was being done on the tracks near Geneva, so shortly before crossing the border into Switzerland, the train stopped at a station, we all got off, and were guided to several buses waiting to take us the remainder of the way into Switzerland.  Fortunately, I had run into an older lady who spoke English and was able to explain what was happening for me, or I would have been quite lost!

Once at the station in Geneva, it was a quick walk through customs and then I was free in the city.  I walked a couple streets over to my hotel, checked in, dropped my bag off, and headed out to explore with what little time I had remaining.  I have got to say it, and this is rare for me, that I was very disappointed in Geneva.  It was not pretty, it wasn’t very clean either, and had a very dated feel to it.  As though it grew up in the 60’s and then all growth stopped by the end of the 80’s.  Geneva, Switzerland

I took the picture of the tiny church, feeling that it basically sums up Geneva.  There’s some old buildings and beauty, but its small, and tucked away between all of the growth of the city.  I walked down towards the river, saw the large fountain in the lake, nothing too special, but a decent enough view.  I crossed the bridge to the other side where there seemed to be some sort of festival going on.  It was mostly shacks and tents set up to sell beer, not really my scene.Geneva, Switzerland

I kept walking throughout the streets, desperately trying to find something worth seeing, but it just wasn’t there.  I didn’t enjoy my time in Geneva.  I eventually found a restaurant to eat it, but the food wasn’t good, and it was insanely expensive.  Switzerland in general is very expensive, but Geneva was insane.  After my failed meal I stopped quick at a McDonald’s.  I hate eating fast food, and I try to avoid it, but after the amount of money I just wasted on bad food, I just wanted something quick and cheap.  The amount I paid at McDonald’s for a meal for myself, it felt like I could have gotten 4 meals for a family back in the states.  Swan in Geneva, Switzerland

Disappointed in everything Geneva had to offer I returned to my hotel room relatively early in the evening.  I felt it was a better use of my time to relax and get a good, long night of sleep.  At least I had Dubrovnik to look forward to.  I was ever so thankful that I had not planned on visiting Geneva just to see it, and that I was only there because the flights were so much cheaper and more practical to Croatia than they were in southern France.  Seriously, this might be the one time I ever tell you all, don’t bother with this place…



  1. Maybe with a bit of sun it would have been different

    1. It certainly would have helped to lift the mood a bit! I think it hurt too that I had just come from gorgeous places in Portugal, Spain, and France. Geneva didn’t stand a chance in comparison!

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