Exploring in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, CroatiaAfter viewing the city from above, it was time to explore it!  We grabbed some gelato first (it was the end of July after all and just a bit hot!).  After snacking on that while standing at the harbor’s side, we went walking.

The Dominican MonasteryThe Cloisters of the Dominican MonasteryI love old churches, so as soon as we stumbled upon the Dominican Monastery, I had to go in and see it.  The monastery is about 700 years old, but it was badly damaged in 1667 from an earthquake and then rebuilt.  It was gorgeous inside, with gorgeous cloisters full of lush, green plants.  A little tropical paradise hidden behind the walls of the monastery.  So beautiful and relaxing, I wanted to hide there all day, but we still wanted to go walk on the walls of the city…

The Cloisters of the Dominican MonasteryThe Cloisters of the Dominican MonasteryWe  found an entrance to the walls, there’s only a couple of them scattered, I can’t say for sure how many.  We walked along the backside of the city, looking out over the city to the Mediterranean beyond it.  If this city seems familiar to you, it might be that you’re a Game of Thrones fan.  Dubrovnik is the setting for King’s Landing and is where many scenes from that city were filmed.  It’s a perfect setting for it, wouldn’t you agree?  I must say, though, I am jealous of the stars who get to regularly come to this place to for the show’s scenes…  How lucky they are to get to work in such a place!

The Dominican Monastery from the City WallsAlso, something worth knowing, that I was unaware of before arriving in Dubrovnik…  No cars are allowed within the city walls.  It is entirely a pedestrian area.  It is a small area, so it is more than manageable.  I think it is so wonderful that they decided to never let cars in to ruin the city.  It leaves it in a more pristine condition, more like it was 100 years ago.

Dubrovnik, CroatiaIt was hot up on those walls and there were plenty of stairs to be climbed.  By the time we reached the opposite side of the city and found an exit stairwell, we decided we had more than seen enough and wanted to escape the sun!  We retired to our apartment for a short rest.  Why is it that the sun can be so draining at times?  After our rest, we set out to meet up at the designated local for our sunset kayaking trip, the “Blackwater Bay” of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik, Croatia


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