Driving Through Bosnia & Herzegovina

Driving into Bosnia & HerzegovinaThe following morning we left the walled city of Dubrovnik, picked up our rental car, and set off to the old city of Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina.  The drive North through some of Croatia, and then Northwest through Bosnia & Herzegovina was beautiful.  The terrain reminded me a lot of Crete.

Pocitelj, Bosnia & HerzegovinaAfter crossing the border into Bosnia & Herzegovina, it wasn’t very far before we happened upon the little village of Pocitelj, sprawled on a hillside right off the road.  

Pocitelj, Bosnia & HerzegovinaSince the village lies on the side of a hill, most of the paths throughout the city are mostly stairways up and down them.

Pocitelj, Bosnia & HerzegovinaThe paths and stairways were lined with individuals selling their goods: scarves, jewelry, and all sorts of odds and ends.

The mosque in Pocitelj, Bosnia & HerzegovinaBosnia & Herzegovina is a Muslim country, and as such has plenty of mosques all over.  There are plenty of churches as well, but the mosque is a unique sight in a European country.

The mosque in Pocitelj, Bosnia & HerzegovinaFurther up the hillside, overlooking the mosque and the city was an old little tower, probably from some fortress or castle.  I didn’t walk up to view it.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t planned for this, and wasn’t wearing comfortable shoes for climbing up rough stone steps, so I opted not to climb to it.

The source of the River BuneAfter leaving Pocitelj, we continued heading towards Mostar.  After a long period of driving, I was happy to see signs for the source of the River Bune.  The signs depicted a river coming out of a mountainside cave, so I insisted to my friend that it was time for a stop!  After a bit of a drive, we eventually found it.  You walk past a series of vendors selling their wares, and then along the river, past some restaurants on the water, and eventually you come up to the shoreline.  

The source of the River BuneThere is an inflatable raft service to take you back into the cave.  There was no one there, though, and after waiting for a while, still no one showed up, so we eventually gave up and left, eager to be on our way to Mostar.  But not before I dipped a hand in that water, it was freezing cold!

The old stairs to the ruined millAlong the road we walked to get to the source of the river, was a little, overgrown stairway leading down to an old, ruined building.  Of course, I couldn’t resist…

An old ruined millThe old building turned out to be an old mill of some sort, and was built straddling a little stream/branch off from the river.  Delightfully beautiful in its ruined state.



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