Sea Kayaking in Dubrovnik

"Blackwater Bay"In the late afternoon we made our way just outside of the city’s walls and down to the little cove where we would be starting our sunset sea kayaking and snorkeling tour.  This little cove, is the setting for “Blackwater Bay” in Game of Thrones.  For those who don’t know, Dubrovnik is King’s Landing and where a lot of the scenes from that town are shot.  Not the reason I wanted to see Dubrovnik, of course, but it was definitely interesting to be seeing these locations.

Kayaking around the walls of DubrovnikWe got our life vests, our paddles, and climbed into our kayak, and started out of the cove.  The group was maybe twenty people, with everyone but the two guides in kayaks for two people, rather than one.  Oh, and rather nifty of the group, there were plastic barrels on the back of each kayak to put your personal belongings in, for storage and protection from the water.

Kayaking around the walls of DubrovnikHeading around the outside of the city’s walls, the guide would stop every so often to relate some of the town’s history, or information about filming locations.  Once pass the city, we continued along the shoreline, passing the residence a very rich man made for his Muslim mistress (hence the architecture).

The Muslim mistress' little palaceWe eventually arrived at a little “cave” that was more of a large indent into the rocks with a bit of a roof way overhead.  Not really what one would picture when they describe it to you…  But, it had a nice little beach.

The "cave"We stopped here, ate some rather nasty sandwiches they had brought for us.  When I got halfway through my sandwich, I decided the second half wasn’t appealing enough.  When I went to throw it away, the guide stopped me, led me out along the rocks, and had me toss the sandwich into the water.  Rather quickly a school of fish moved in and started to eat it.  Others threw in their sandwiches, and quickly this little cove was full of fish.

Playing with the crashing waves on the beachAt this point, they gave us snorkels so that we might swim and snorkel and see the fish.  I’ve only snorkeled once before, several years ago with some manatees in Florida.  I had never done it in salt water with tropical fish to see.  It was incredible!  And these were not really all that pretty, as far as tropical fish go…  I can’t wait to try this again in a location with even better fish for viewing.

A very curious little fishA large school of fishThankfully, I had my waterproof camera, so we had a blast swimming, or even just floating and waiting for the fish to come to us.  I have always loved the water, this was so relaxing to just float and stare at the fish…   I was in heaven.

Snorkeling in DubrovnikSnorkeling in DubrovnikWe had so much fun that after our trek into Bosnia & Herzegovina (more on that to come in the next few posts), when we returned to Croatia for an evening before flying home, we bought our own snorkels and found ourselves a spot for that (again, future post!).

This is the life! Kayaking on the MediterraneanAfter our time snorkeling, we all loaded back up and set out across the water.  We went out to the coast of a large island, if you look back to my post, Above Dubrovnik, you can’t miss it in the pictures, the large one to the left of the city.  We paddled back towards Dubrovnik along its coast.

GOT scene location: the fight between the Mountain and the Red Viper and where Jaime retrains after losing a hand

GOT scene location: the fight between the Mountain and the Red Viper and where Jaime Lannister retrains after losing a hand

As we came past the island, the sun was starting to set behind the city.  It was beautiful out on that water.  I love the Mediterranean Sea so much.  I felt at peace with the world as we sat for a moment, bobbing with the waves, taking in the view, feeling alive.

Sunset over Dubrovnik



  1. Girl Gone Expat · · Reply

    So fun seeing Dubrovnik from the sea side. Majority of the pictures posted are from a hill overlooking the red roof tops, but I think it is equally impressive from the kayak:)

    1. It was fun to paddle around it, such a beautiful place and experience

  2. 2geeks3knots · · Reply

    Hi! Who was your outfitter? We’ve dreamed of paddling there. Thanks!

    1. I don’t remember their name. If you head out the gate along the north side of the city, there is a little square with restaurants on it. There are several different individuals offering kayaking tours, just see where they go, and pick one!

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